Orbis International Limited's expertise is showcased through various successful projects.

Comprehensive Project Management

Orbis International Limited provides end-to-end planning and execution, handling all logistics aspects from consultation to delivery. Our custom solutions cater to unique project requirements, with comprehensive risk management strategies ensuring smooth project flow.

Specialised Freight Solutions

We offer diverse freight options, including air, sea, and road freight, adept at managing heavy lift and out-of-gauge cargo, ensuring efficient transportation of oversized and heavy equipment.

Ancillary Services

Our services include customs and compliance, warehousing and distribution, and premium white glove services for sensitive and high-value shipments, ensuring all regulatory requirements and customs procedures are met.

Technology-Driven Solutions

Orbis leverages technology with real-time tracking for complete shipment visibility and employs data analytics to optimise logistics and improve decision-making.


Below case studies demonstrate Orbis's commitment to delivering excellence in logistics and project management, ensuring every project is executed with precision and care.