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The foundations of our company are built on our knowledge and passion for Air Freight. It's what we do best.

With a dedicated in-house operation team we are here to walk you through any Air Freight projects or enquiries you may have. Using a consultancy-based approach, we listen and discuss all your requirements before we offer a solution that’s right for your business.

The global logistical challenges you are facing right now don’t need to be a journey you walk alone. Give our team a call today to discuss your freight requirements.


  • 100% neutrality on airline carriers
  • Exclusive contracts with many international carriers
  • Confirmed PB space on several carriers
  • Advanced EDI technology for live track & trace
  • ASM Sequoia for direct access to HMRC customs
  • Exclusive Badge code at LHR (DVK)
  • Digital GRN technology for goods received


  • All shipments are received and processed through our partners' 180x180 320 KV Dual View X-Ray machine, the most powerful model in the United Kingdom.
  • Should a shipment prove too dense, on site there is ETD (Explosive Trace Detection) as well as FREDDS so we can avoid any long delays in getting your goods uplifted. This is particularly beneficial for Time Critical shipments that are too large for bulk load.
  • Our IATA License means we deal directly with the carriers.
  • Our volumes mean we enjoy excellent relationships with many key carriers and with whom we hold many block bookings.
  • All Export Customs Entries are executed in-house via a direct link to HMRC.
  • Pick and Pack Service, Labelling, reworking.


  • Exclusive Badge Code at LHR (DVK).
  • All Import Customs Entries are executed in-house via a direct link to HMRC.
  • For UK Import Air Cargos, there is an ETSF “Bonded” area within the facility, which means that we can receive ULD’s and do the breakdown ourselves.
  • For certain carriers, these units can be delivered directly to us, generating better lead times on cargo stripping and release.

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Value Added Services

Cargo Sorting

Sorting of cargo based on your requirements could be performed at our facilities (e.g., sorting of cartons on customer PO level).

Either at origin or destination facilities we can support with the storing and transporting of cargo stacked on pallets as a unit load.

Either at origin or destination the printing and placing of labels according to your requirements could be performed at our facilities (e.g., any type of pallet or carton labelling, inner carton label, etc).

We assist you with packing or re-packing of cargo based on specified requirements (e.g., re-packing cargo from damaged box into a new box).

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