To export 138 tons of exhibition kit from London Heathrow (UK) to Las Vegas International Airport, customs clear under temporary bond and deliver to the Sands Expo. Build time of 7 days with a team of 18.

The Challenge

85% of cargo was not ready to uplift till 2 weeks before build, leaving us extremely short on time and capacity with airlines. With the uplift date being so delayed, it put a lot of pressure on the team, to quality check all cargo when it arrived pre-show.

Orbis exported a total of 72 bespoke timber cases and 38 tonnes of steel. Also, the build floor plan drafted by the Sands Expo was not correct giving us logistical issues on space and build times. We had to split the team into 2 teams of 8 working on 24hrs shift with special permission from the Sands.

The Result

We delivered and built on time a visually stunning 625 sqm stand, handed the stand over on time to the FITBIT Inc. San Francisco team, who were delighted with our efforts and acknowledged the hard work and commitment that was needed to achieve what at times seemed an impossible deadline.

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